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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Visual Basic Scrpting

Yesterday I was able to build an application with VBscript that automatically created an email and sent it through Lotus Notes.  This is just a building block that I will use to automate email blasts at work.  I know this does not seem interesting to you unless you are a geek.

One thing about myself... I am an analytic... I love crunching numbers... I love automating those processes... anything that would prevent me from doing momentousness work.  I have lived my whole professional life trying to stay away from redundant tasks and tried to figure out how to eliminate as much of that tedious work as possible.

One thing that I learned in life is that labor is the most expensive asset any company will possess.  So, the person that is the most valuable to any company is the one that can get the most work done in the least amount of time... automation. The return on the investment of developing automated processes has a huge returns.

Here is the perceived problem. At what point is automation too much?  My stance is that a company that builds widgets will never be more successful than the one that does not even need to have light turned on or have heating and air conditioning requirements... no people required.  Granted, this scenario will never happen because someone will always need to be present for maintenance and someone to say "go".

Therefore, the life of an automation specialist will always be in demand.  Technical skills will never go out of style but continuous learning is a mandate in order to continue honing your skill and making yourself more valuable by providing less manual labor and thus, higher return on your equity.

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