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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Blasted Economy!

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A bit of bad news today. I got laid off on Tuesday. Apparently, the financial status of the company required eight very good people to lose their jobs. I believe I have a good attitude about this situation right now, but there are times when depression tries to creep in.
"Nearly one out of every 11 Ohioans is out of work and looking for a job."
My plans:
I am going to get up early every morning and attempt to convince other companies, which are going through tough times, that I am someone they cannot turn down. In addition, I will be competing with all of the other very good people in my situation. (This is where the depression comes in)

I am very good at what I do and have nearly 30 years in this environment. My next actionable step is to convince other companies; I can bring an efficiency and organization which is crucial during these badly needed times.

Besides the obvious competition, I believe my biggest challenge is to find the right people to contact. It is obvious to me, the Human Resource (HR) person may not be the key person. I think this is where my Social Networks will come in handy. I will be hitting tools early today.

Okay, high stress, time to better myself, and nothing work is not holding me back. You know, I can only see the good in this situation. The high stress is a motivator to better myself and "work" is no obstacle! Wow, what an Epiphany!

No time to play. I will let you know how things progress. I do not expect a job today or even tomorrow, but I do expect a positive outcome. I recognize this will be a challenge but I am ready. So, with that said, have yourselves a productive day and:

Prepare for the worse and reap the wealth, security, and piece of mind.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


The channel catfish has four pairs of barbels.

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Yesterday evening, I had an opportunity to go fishing for catfish with Chris, Robin and boys. It was a real blast and I enjoyed it quite a bit. When we got there, we seemed to have forgotten to get bate. So, I grabbed my bass pole and headed out for bate. Robin was fishing for the bluegill and Christopher was being Christopher while Cameron was quite content (At first).

My first bass was under a pound and that quickly became bate. Chris put it on his pole and later that evening, something grabbed it. That's right, I said, "something". We never did see it because I believe it was a submarine. Nothing was going to stop whatever was on the other end of a "catfish pole". It was a bit exciting watching that bobber dancing around and knowing that the mouth that took that fish had to be big enough for a man's fist to go in without obstructions.

I wish we could have seen it but, it is what it is. That is why we call it fishing and not catching...

I caught two more bass that were larger. The second fish was about a pound or larger and the third was close to three pounds.

I also tried for the first time, throw netting. My first two tries netted a small bluegill and a little bass about three inches. Throwing this is a bit harder than it sounds. The intent is to get the net open into a complete circle just as it hit the water. You then let it sink to the bottom and then, pull in your bounty! Okay, pull in your sticks and mud.

Well, that's it for now. Have yourselves a productive day and watch for more posts at

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