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Friday, September 3, 2010

Nice long bike ride.

Okay, as indicated in the "Details" of my ride, I went a lot longer than recorded.  Why the discrepancy?  Well, apparently as I was turning to head west on Broad Street, (see map) I seemed to have hit the "Stop recording" button and did not notice until I got about four miles from my destination.  So, I missed those extra miles as well as the few miles running around Franklin Park Conservatory.
Now, I have done this before on my other bike.  On that bike the GPS was mounted right in front of the seat and my knee had the ability to hit it.  However, this unit is mounted on the handle bars.  MAN! I am good!  How my knee got up there is a mystery to me.  Actually, I suspect my hand somehow hit the button???
So, estimated miles was approximatively:  24.9 miles (Calculated in Google Earth)
Duration of ride was 2 hours 55 minutes.
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