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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Strandbeest - My new best toy.

It took me three lunch-times to build and works great!  This might look familiar because of the previous POST where we took you on a virtual walk through Adam Savage's basement.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Adam Savage's Basement

While watching Adam Savage "Tested" on YouTube, he provided very detailed "Streetview" images of his basement.  You can see incredible things <HERE>.  

There is another room you can find yourself going into (pool table).  If you find it difficult to find your way in that room, you can <CLICK HERE>.  

In the display cases in the pool room, you might find what is called a Strandbeest.  Now, these are crazy mechanical devices that are power by wind.  When the prop is spinning, the legs will walk across the floor, table, or beach.  Here is a <YouTube video> that shows a very big version of that model of a different model in Adam's Basement.

See if you can find the following picture...  The first is Adam's Strandbeest model.


Cameron trying to get something done.

It was hot and frankly, this would have been an all-day job.  Although Cameron needed help, I kinda have to be on Christopher's side on this one.

Dollywood Steam Engine

While we were in Pigeon Forge TN last week, we rode this train.  It is an authentic steam engine from WWII.  As noted on <This Website>, "While many people assume that the Dollywood trains were custom built for the theme park, the locomotives were actually constructed in the late 1930s and early 1940s! During WWII, these steam engines played an important role in America’s war effort."  The mear sound of that engine starting its journey and the commanding billowing black coal dust was an experience with the sound, sight, and feeling rather than just seeing a train leave the station.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Rain, Rain, Go AWAY!

Yesterday, Peggy and I went out to get a new battery for my "Battery Backed-Up" Garage door opener when we discovered the battery was dead... (Queue Montage of June 11th).  Well, as it turned out, Lowes has it on their website but not in their stores.  So, the web showed Walmart also carries those batteries but as it turns out, "web only order."  So with that a bust, we did have an extra set of house keys made, and we can now get in the house if the power goes out again.

While we were out hunting and gathering, we encountered incredible torrential downpours.  Fortunately, and as usual, I was able to drop Peggy off right at the door.  At one point, (Walmart) I ended up sitting in the car for perhaps close to ten (10) minutes waiting for the rain to subside enough that I could get to the back of the car and get my Bumbershoot

We were a bit more productive at Walmart.  As a result of the power pole siesta debacle on June 11th, we not only found the garage door battery was inoperable, but also our cordless house phones were bad.  We got the replacements and now good-to-go until the next significant power interference.

It is typical.  We invest in contingency plans and then never test them.  So, it goes to reason that when a power failure occurs, we then test all battery backed up devices.  UPSs, Laptops, Garage Door Openers and hopefully NOT smoke detectors.

Monday, June 11, 2018

Columbus Arts Festival

Well, I know this is being posted a bit late but, life and work get in the way of our plans.

Here is my update for today... On the way home from work on Friday, we encountered some really strong straight-line winds that damaged a lot of trees and power poles.  As a matter of fact, the main power to our part of Columbus was interrupted when two poles decided to get lazy and lay down. 

When we got home, neither of us had a key to the house.  You might ask, "Why would someone as wise and highly intelligent as Peggy, not have a key to the house?"  Yep, it was all her fault.  Here is the rationale that prompted a change in our key carrying habits.  We were smart... (In hindsight, maybe not) in that, we got a garage door opener that has the built-in battery backup so if the power goes off, the door will still open and thereby, free access to the house.  The problem was that we did not do any risk analysis.  The question should have been asked, what happens if the battery goes dead...  With hindsight being 20-20, now we thank of it.  So, we now have a contingency plan should the battery fail again by having a key as the backup.

During this tragedy, I was impressed with AEP's "Smart Power" project.  I actually had an opportunity to work on that project but unfortunately fell through and a story for another time.  As soon as the power when out, AEP email us letting us know.  The problem was the information in the email was off a bit.  Their original estimate was restoral completed by 9:30 pm the NEXT day.  Well, it was back on and the garage door opened within hours of the power pole siesta event.  We did actually call a locksmith but the power was back on before he was able to get there.

On Saturday, Peggy and I volunteered at the Columbus Arts Festival and worked at the Grange Acoustic Lounge.  We spent a good four (okay, 3 1/2) hours doing hard manual labor.  We did the same thing (I think) last year but did not work that hard then because we were not on "setup detail".  I am not that "In to" the whole art scene but the acoustic lounge had some good music and I love acoustic music.  So, it really wasn't that bad.

Friday, June 8, 2018

Duck, Duck... No, seriously, DUCK!

We went to another baseball game yesterday and was very pleased with the outcome despite the fact that we had to drive clear to Mount Sterling, OH for the game.

The score was 16-6 and our team WON!  They had such a good time.  As shown in the video, Christopher (and the other players on our team) was doing a lot of defensive moves to prevent interactions between their bodies and the ball.

I remember a few games ago,  Christopher took a direct hit from a fastball in the belly (just below his sternum).  I will say that there is plenty of sounds that are excruciating to hear and that was one.  It actually knocked the wind out of him for a time but sucked it up (no pun intended) and took his base like a champ.

On the other side of my grandkids, Cameron was running around during the games playing with the other kids around the park and a big part of his audience was girls...  That's my grandkid!