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Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Adam Savage's Basement

While watching Adam Savage "Tested" on YouTube, he provided very detailed "Streetview" images of his basement.  You can see incredible things <HERE>.  

There is another room you can find yourself going into (pool table).  If you find it difficult to find your way in that room, you can <CLICK HERE>.  

In the display cases in the pool room, you might find what is called a Strandbeest.  Now, these are crazy mechanical devices that are power by wind.  When the prop is spinning, the legs will walk across the floor, table, or beach.  Here is a <YouTube video> that shows a very big version of that model of a different model in Adam's Basement.

See if you can find the following picture...  The first is Adam's Strandbeest model.



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