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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Emotional Pain

I find it amazing but a blessing that God has built us in such a way that the perceived pain of a loved one can cause us to feel our own pain and react in weird ways.  Recently, I got three little stitches that needs to come out and instead of going clear out to the doctor's office, I asked Peggy to simply remove them.  For whatever reason, Peggy is having a psycho-physical reaction to taking them out.  In her mind, she feels as though she is (or will be) hurting me.  The reality is, the spot where the stitches are has lost all feeling and cannot hurt.  It was the same way for me when she had surgery recently so, I do not understand but get it...

I also know that when you are in a situation where a demand for action is called for, this reaction goes away.  Perhaps this reaction is specific to our loved ones only.  I remember a time when my son cut his hand and needed stitches, I was perfectly fine when I know he needed to be taken to the hospital.  While we were sitting in the examination room, the doctor shot Chris up with Novocaine and began to stitch him up.  I suggested to Chris that he should look away but, he was all about watching the doctor stick that needle in his hand stitch after stitch. It was not until I know he was in good hands (no pun intended) and the stitches was going in that all of a sudden, I began to pass out!  I immediately had to sit down and look away. When everything was over, the doctor said Chris did very well and asked him if he wanted a Popsicle.  Chris replied, "Sure but, can you give my dad one too?"

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