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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Perception of normalcy

The perception of normalcy is beginning to arise around the Blake household.  I say the perception because we need to ask ourselves what is normal.  This is a deep philosophical question like, "what is truth".  Then we need to reflect on, is it good to get back to "normal"; is normalcy even good for us.  We might have grand plans of making a better life for ourselves and would like to make that the norm.  But, making a better life for ourselves is a journey while normalcy is a destination.

It is my opinion that normal is a comfort zone that feels good and is safe.  I would suggest, this is not striving for perfection.  Normal too many people is relaxing and watching video games for twelve hours or sitting in a chair and watching television for sixteen hours straight or working hours that take you away from your loved one.  To others, normal is never leaving your house, going outside, or interacting with others.

I know we go through difficult situations in life.  We see loved one hurting. We see life is not fair.  With that said, we still have loved ones that we just smile everything you see them come through the door or that favorite meal setting in front of you.  We can see God working in the lives of the Christian and sometimes in the lives of the lost as a blessing to the Christian.  

So, normal can be a blessing or a curse.  We need to examine what we perceive as normal and ask ourselves if it is beneficial or detrimental to our longevity or blessing to others.  We need to identify those things that are detrimental and get them out of our “normal” lives.  I will be the first to say, at (over) fifty years old, I need to get some of the detrimental normalcies out and more beneficial normalcy in.

What is normal and should we celebrate when things get back to normal?

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