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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Windy Chicago

My co-worker and good friend got into the Chicago area last night. The intentions were to get all of the electronic equipment setup last night. As it turned out, the test chamber needed for this setup was not ready for us, so we just dropped off the equipment and went to dinner.

Sasha and I went to a sea food restaurant. Things were good but a bit expensive. I had the clam Chowder and shrimp. As expected, the food was great. The dish came with coleslaw and fries but the coleslaw was about one bite and the fries could feed an army. I ate the slaw but did not want the fries.

After dinner, He and I went back to the hotel and I began doing some work with emails and reports. I figure, I can get the reports done early and so I don't have to worry about them later.

I attempted to setup this Blog so I could post to it through a super - secret email address. On the way to Chicago, Sasha and I stopped at Cracker Barrel. I attempted to post an entry to Whatiz and it did not work. I discovered the super - secret email address was not correct and it is now working. So, you may see very short post on some of the events of the day.

Well, that will be it for now. Expect to see some tidbits of activities from time to time.

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