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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Traveling Dad...

Mountains in Reno, NV

Traveling Dad...( this is a reference to a good friend on MySpace, Traveling Mom...)

One moment it is on, the next it is off. I am in between my next trips at work. On Wednesday, it will be Dallas TX or Chicago IL???? :>) All I know is that I am doing a lot of traveling right now and I am not enjoying it at all. However, it is a necessary evil for this position of which I am enjoying a lot.

I try to bring something back with me each time I go somewhere. On my last trip to Reno, I brought back some excellent photos of the mountains. Unfortunately, the photos were taken with a simple point-and-shoot. This time, I will be taking my camera equipment.

Last night Peggy and I went shopping for some low carbohydrate foods. We are getting ready to go to Las Vegas next month and we need to loose some weight. We are just going to buckle down and look simply marvelous for the trip. We are also beginning to go to the tanning bed so we will not take the chance of getting burned while we sit by the pool and soak in the rays or head out into the desert.

We will be going with my brother Danny, sister-in-law Jill (Party waiting to happen) and niece Britt. I always enjoy going on trips with them. They will actually be going with us on our cruise scheduled for the end of June. More on that later.

Well, that is it for right now. I well let you know how things turn out at work. Here is my prediction... I will end up in Dallas on Wednesday, take care of business there, fly back to Chicago on Wednesday and take care of business there on Thursday and Friday. At that point, I will drive back from Chicago on Friday.

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