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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Waiting in the "chair"

Peggy and I are out doing a little hunting and gathering. We have been asked to look at Kohl's for some item for my sister-in-law.

So, here I am sitting and waiting for the most wonderful person I know.

It is funny just watching people. The seriousness you can see on peoples faces. The little children running around with what appear to be no parental supervision. Watching the good mothers wrapping her small children at the door before going out in the cold wind. Then, there are those men holding the clothes and purses for their presumed wives. Finally, then comes the assumed professional shopper that says things like, "I know I can get this cheaper at Walmart".

While I was typing this post with my two thumbs, I received a call from my sweetie (Peggy). She wanted to know I could hear the music. Well, I had no music at all where I was sitting. I was at the front door when this call came thru. She was in the shoe department. Apparently, Jon Bon Jovi was playing on the public address system.

Yes, I know. I told you at the top of the Blog, that these posts was going to be "Random thought of Steve Blake"

I would like to encourage everyone to leave comments.

Thank you for coming by and spending some time on me Blog.

More later.

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