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Monday, March 9, 2009

Back from Reno

Yep, that is right. I just got back from a business trip from Reno Nevada. The weather was cold but the scenery was magnificent. I was there on business and stayed at the Peppermill Casino and Resort.

On my way to Reno, I left Columbus and flew through Las Vegas. Boy, I am glad I don't have a gambling addition. Nevertheless, we were actually 15 minutes late on an original layover of 30 minutes. Las Vegas is not a huge airport, so I was able to run from my Columbus flight to my connection in short order. I was the second to last person on the plane before the door closed. As I was huffing and puffing past the "door greeter" and down the cat walk, I was told to not worry, my luggage would make it.

Well, I made the flight and get to Reno when, to my surprise (Not!), no luggage. I fill out all the necessary paperwork and told the front desk to be looking for the luggage and to bring it up as soon as they get it. I was also told that I would have the luggage by 10:00pm (Reno time, 1:00am Columbus time). I am not sure what happened but I woke up at 2:00am (Reno time) and no luggage. My first thoughts were that I have a meeting that morning and the only clothes I have include, jeans and sweatshirt. As it was, they did have my luggage in the lobby and brought it up to my room.

Now to step back... The first thing that hits you when I walked into their casino was not the megawatts of power surging through the lighting, sounds and machines, no, it was a lung full of cigarette smoke. Now, I do not smoke and find it to be appalling. I was not there to gamble and I really don't enjoy the gambling addition. However, if I did want to play the games, I would not enjoy it with the choking, toxic air.

The second thing I noticed was the fact the front desk was not obvious and (of course) you had to walk through the huge smoke ladened casino to find the front desk.

Okay, off the soap box and back to my typically good natured self. I am back and anticipate my next trip to be Wednesday. The question is, will it be Texas or Illinois... Stand by to hear more about the fantastic happenings and Random thoughts of Steve Blake.

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