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Monday, June 4, 2018

Kayak Fishing Fun

Last weekend, a friend and I started off early on Saturday heading down "Little Walnut Creek" to do some fishing in our kayaks.  The water was up a couple feet and a little fast but I was prepared for the conditions.  Although it was a bit muddy, my first cast proved that the day was going to be great.  I landed a HUGE minnow... Okay, it was a little smallie that was a perfect specimen of what we were hoping to conquer.

This was the first time I was on this body of water and I was pleasantly surprised.  This creek has several laydowns, sections of the bank that was very rocky, and decently deep water without a lot of "fast" water.  It started out like this was going to be a good day.

Now the rest of the story...

The water was not that cold... No, it wasn't me that dumped his kayak.  I really felt bad but, this was his first kayak and he needed to be baptized in water...  When I got my kayak, I had to know the limits of the craft and now, he knows his limit.  Okay, he was just getting in the boat but still...

We began paddling upstream until we got tired and when floating down this lazy river fishing as we drifted downstream.  We still had the morning on the water and basically, caught nothing outside of what I caught on my first cast.

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