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Thursday, June 7, 2018

Days like today...

I know I am typically up and excited to hit this world with a smile.  But, it takes days like today to realize how blessed you really are.  I am going through some challenges with one of my spiritual mentors. This blog is a place where I present the random thoughts and experiences in my life but I
want it to be upbeat and refuse to add negative things.  So, this is about a negative as I will get.  We have enough negative stuff on the news and social media and sometimes we need a break for that garbage.

On the upside, last night one of my church teachers was out and I got to teach the older kids.  I really enjoy this age group although the energy level of a couple could be turned down.

We discuss the Trinity and how each Person of the Trinity had significant physical, visual, and spiritual experiences in the history of mankind.  If you look at the Bible as a whole, you can see the hand of God build, comfort, chastise and bless us, despite our sin nature.

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