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Monday, August 2, 2010

Quick (nearly) 10 Mile Jaunt

This ride was a quick jaunt to get in some much needed miles.  I did not even take my camera so I would not be temped to go off trail and spend time with the wild life.  I was committed to get my miles in and get back home.

On my ride, I was blessed to see four deer.  I took the southern trail and don't typically see a lot of wildlife on that trip.  However, I did see some deer and one was a small fawn.  I was surprised to see the dots still on its side.  They were faded but could still see them.

I also checked on the progress of the new section.  At the end of my trail, construction is underway to extend the trip over 33.  Looking on Google, I do not see any connecting bike paths on the other side so, I suspect it might be a while before anything significant has extended.

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