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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Zemanta - A Very Cool Blogging Tool

I installed a "addin" for Mozilla Firefox. It is from the site, "Zemanta". When I begin typing a particular topic, Zemanta will suggest snippets for your blog. As an example, this particular post is about Zemanta and the following was suggested:

As you can see, this is the "Coolest Application for Bloggers..." This application also shows some icons of Mozilla Firefox that can be clicked and "BAM!" it is in the post. See>>>

Now, this was amazing.

Okay, let me try another topic...

Let's try... Fuelcells... (should be two words but this is a test)

I believe our energy problems can be solved with fuelcells. I know that when we see the billions of dollars we send into our atmosphere every day in the form of burnt potrolium products, it is inevediable that something must be done. Fuelcell by-product is water.

Construction of a low temperature PEMFC: Bipol...Image via Wikipedia

As you can see, the link to fuel cells is embedded in the above list of links.

Additionally, I've clicked on a link, to a graphic, that was suggested and you can see how this image can now be discussed.

Embedding two or more images seems to be a bit cumbersome because when the photo was "clicked", it seemed to get embedded in the beginning of this post. Well, using Bloggers interface, I simply drug the image down to where I wanted it.

Another feature of this tool is the ability to quickly add labels to the post. This is another automatic system. As I type, suggested labels will dynamically appear. The only other thing that I need to do, is, click on the suggested words and "presumably" these words are now part of the post.

Additionally, just below the composition window (where I am typing right now) is another list of suggested words. These works are directly related to what I am typing. if I click any (or "apply al") of the words, this tool will automatically insert hyper links into the post. I no longer have to go out and embed links anymore.

Finally, in the event a particular topic does not promote suggested content, this tool has a search function that you can type in. As you may have noticed earlier in this post, I discussed "fuelcells" (one word). I later talked about fuel cells (two words). Well, when I first began, nothing came up but I then typed the two words into the search box and a plethora of suggestion were then available.

Well, that is all I have for this morning. Come again and I will talk about some of the "Random thoughts of Steve Blake".

Have a productive day.
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