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Monday, April 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Brittnii

This weekend, Peggy and I went to New York to surprise my niece on her sweet 16th birthday. Brittnii, her parents and Paige (friend) arrived at their room with a bit of a surprise. Okay, that was the way it was suppose to happen.

Actually, we get to the Westin Hotel in New York Time Square to find our rooms not ready. This was not surprising because checkout was at noon and we arrived at 9:30am. We had pre-arranged a meeting with the assistant to the hotel manager to get into Brittnii’s room (an adjoining room) to decorate. Well, as we arrived, the hotel wanted to give us a different room that would be ready. We explained that we were there for a surprise and my brother and family will be in the adjoining room. Okay, brother and family had no idea we were going to be there and this plan was brilliant.

As Paul Harvey would say, “Now for the rest of the story…” We finally meet with the assistant hotel manager and finalize the plan. We agree that I would go and retrieve our stored luggage that contains the decorations and we would meet upstairs. Just as I am standing by the desk waiting for my luggage, I look out the window to discover my brother and family stepping out of a cab. I explain to the bellhop that they are to take the luggage to the 8th floor and take it to the Executive Club Lounge and took off running in hopes they would not see me. I explain the situation to the assistant manager and we scurry off to our hiding place.

Apparently, the room was still not ready for us to do the decorations so we wait and wait and wait… Eventually, we get into our room and the adjoining room. We were told the room would appear as not ready until we were finished.

Our room was huge. The assistant Manager out did herself with this room. We walk into the adjoining room to find it to be significantly smaller. Peggy and I felt a bit guilty about the size of their room, they had four people, and we were just two. However, out room had a king size bed while their room had the two beds. We shrugged our shoulders and proceeded to decorate their room.

Once finished, we “texted” Brittnii to discover they left the Hotel to do some site seeing. We eventually broke down and called my brother to find out they were at the statue of Liberty and actually gotten a different room! So, we had to let him in on everything but with strict instructions that he was not to tell the rest of his family.

When we all arrived back at the hotel, we knocked on their door (the OTHER ROOM) and SURPRISE! We explained everything at that point and decided to go to the “Pre-arranged” room for the festivities. Jill (the mom) arranged for a cake to be delivered and for whatever reason, a bottle of Champaign. (That may have been for her… actually, I believe that was a gift from the Hotel)

We open gifts and eat some cake and all was good with the world. I think the greatest gift she received from her Aunt Peggy was the CD of Jon Bon Jovi. Okay, not really but it came from Aunt Peggy and so, although she may never listen to it, liked it anyway.

I have so much more to discuss but I will just have to say, that is all I have for this morning…

Have a productive day and I will continue this saga later.

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