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Saturday, January 8, 2011

You can have no witness without experience.

Just to let everyone know, I just completed my first week of work after 19 months of unemployment.  I am a man of faith and believe God will always take care of my family.  Well, you are probably asking, “what about the last 19 months?”  Let me explain:
He had me establishing the Children’s Ministry at my church and now it is “Mostly” done, He has provided a job.  We were never late on paying a bill.  We never drew from our saving account (except for some Christmas gifts).  We never went hungry.  That sounds like we were Divinely taken care of. But, that is not the end of the story…
December 15th I had a phone interview.  I felt the interview went well but I’ve been through that several time in the previous 19 months.  The next day, at 9:30am, I get a call and the job was offered to me.  I was thinking at that point that it is about time.  Shortly afterwards, a technical issue arose and I saw this opportunity fly away.  Moments later I get another call.  It is another job offer!  Then the technical issue was resolved and the first job offer was on the table again.
I become aware that God was showing me that He is the great provider.  It was very easy to say that it has been 19 months of Zero offers and it was just my time.  However, statistically, receiving two offers within a one hour time frame after 19 months, it was then that I knew it was my Great Provider, Lord and Savior. 
Statistical impossibilities reveal Gods miracles every day.  Why are we always amazed?  Shouldn’t that make God disappointed in us?
God is good!

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