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Friday, June 11, 2010

Southern Trail

Well, yesterday morning, I wanted to check out the southern trail to see if any expansion was happening.  I was pleasantly surprised to fine some new bike trails.  At the southern most tip of the bike trail, construction was underway.  It seems to have just begun and doesn't go out very far but, appears to be going over Route 33. I suspect it is going to take most of the year to open that section considering bridge work over 33.

I also notice that at a specific spot, I seemed to have turned off the logging function on my Garmin Edge 305.  I wasn't aware of this little fact until I got back to the car and was turning it off and notice the message "Starting Timer". (logging). Bummer.

At some point along the trail (when not logging), I found an new off-road trail and took it.  This new trail is not indicated on the image below.

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