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Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Weather is Improving

A fishing icon.As much as I enjoy the winter weather, there becomes a time when we need to think of things like... fishing.  This requires warmer weather and it seems like things are actually heading in that direction.  I said that to say, temperatures are going to drop below freezing and a chance of lake effect snow tonight.  It has been in the "summer" temperatures for so some time now and this is happening tonight.  After this cold front goes through, we will be heading back to the summer temperatures again.  I believe this one cold snap will not effect the water temperatures much. Once the water temperatures get above 65F, spawning will begin!!!!!!  I suspect within the next couple weeks, we will begin to get into some excellent fishing.  It will be at that time I will kick-off our first annual Bass Fishing Tournament.  (Proceeds will be going towards the Children's Ministries at the Parsons Avenue Church of God).

I am still looking into the rules and regulations for this competition but intend to have the organization completed within the week.  I started the regulations by modeling after the Bass Master Classic regulations and adapted to, let's just say, less professional anglers.
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