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Thursday, November 5, 2009

A little fun with light...

Peggy and I went to Stonewall Jackson Lake and decided to go out and take pictures of deer. The night got dark quick and we decided to experiment with night photography. The image above was taken with the camera sitting on the bridge railing. The shutter stayed on for perhaps 30 seconds and ISO-800. During that time, Peggy took my pin light and began painting.

It is important to say that we had no moon and the only light (other than the pin light) was from distant street lamps and star light.

This photo was the same conditions but she walked in front of the camera which resulted in her not showing up at all (unlike the first photo). The interesting situation is that with no moon light and it being as dark as it was (11:30 pm). The shutter was open for 8 seconds for this photo and the ISO was set to 800.

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